Review Policy

If you’re interested to have your book reviewed by either of us, we are open for review requests. Do keep in mind though, if we are not interested in the book offered, then we will decline the request. We will notify you of this. This is because of course, as avid readers, we always have a lot to read! We can’t read everything. Especially if it doesn’t appeal to us.

We will accept both physical books aswell as e-books (epub, mobi).

You can both send and e-mail to ‘’ or use our contact form.

  • Kimberley’s preferred genres: Mainly fantasy, with the subgenres of romance, historical, mythology inspired, fairytales (and retellings), grim/dark, sci-fi and humor. Some contemporary or romance. Both YA and Adult reads.
  • Charlotte’s preferred genres: Fantasy, sci-fi, humor, horror, contemporary and romance. Both YA and Adult reads.

Please include as much information as you can in your request, such as:

  • Title, genre, synopsis
  • If possible, a Goodreads link
  • Preferred reviewer, if you have one!
  • Why would we like your book?
  • How did you find our blog?

Reviewing is something we will do for free and fun! Which means we will be honest. This does not mean however that we will cause total mayhem. We will share our honest opinion in what we did and did not like, to fully inform our readers, so that they themselves may judge whether they will like it.

We can not give an exact time-frame on when the review will be posted. Of course, it will get priority over normal reads. It will depend on how busy we are at the moment, you will always be notified of this.

Our reviews will be posted on our blog and on our Goodreads profile:

DISCLAIMER: This blog is something we do for free and for fun. We are not paid to review books. However, we will accept free copies of books in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley, Goodreads, writers and publishers.