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We’ve been friends for as long as we can remember, and together we share a love for books. Well.. love…? You might even say obsession. It started by just visiting the library, then bookstores, to reading more and more, creating goodreads accounts, going to cities -just- for the special bookstores, making bookstagram accounts… and now our very own bookblog.

Here we will share our thoughts on all things bookish. Book reviews on our favorite genres, you can find those in the menu above, to news items, interviews and other general posts. We hope to create exciting and interesting content to satisfy all your bookish needs to all you booknerds out there. Enjoy!

Kimberley aka @thebooksmademedoit

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I’m Kimberley and I’m 21 years old. When I was 5 I moved to a little town near Rotterdam, this is where I met Charlotte. My love for books started when I was just a kid. Of course back then it was only children’s books. I started loving Fantasy more and more as I grew up, especially when I switched to reading in English. Now my book love has grown out to a proper addiction and I can’t get enough! My favorite subgenres consist of faerie tale retellings, grim dark, young adult and romance.


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Charlotte aka @mosquitoslayer

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Hi, my name is Charlotte. I’m twenty years old and I study watermanagement. I think I started reading right after my parents got rid of our television (such a coincidence…). We have a small library where we live and when I was younger I would read every book about astronomy I could find over there. Fantasy is my favorite genre right now, but lately I’ve also been reading a lot of sci-fi.

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